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Y2mate is your ultimate destination to download any YouTube Video & Audio- A Review

Want to download the YouTube videos/audios without any additional junk files? Simply go for y2mate! In a few seconds, YouTube converter to mp3 your favorite music videos in mp3 formats and add them in your playlists offline. Happy Listening!


When my friend told me about Y2mate, for downloading any YouTube video or audio I was not pretty sure about the outcome. Previously, I had a couple of nightmarish experiences while trying to convert and download the videos from YouTube to get out of the hassle of playing them every time online. But I didn’t know I’ll end up download dozens of crap files that literally ate up a huge area of my computer hard disk and did a massive damage to its core. But while reviewing for, I must say no junky files got downloaded this time along with the files I asked for neither it caused any other issues. Smoothly and very quickly, I downloaded various videos and audios in my chosen formats.

Why choose Y2mate?

A simple interface

Y2mate has a very simple interface and it’s a very user-friendly online tool. You don’t have to be a computer savvy for downloading the videos and audios from YouTube at this place. Simply go to and paste the video link at the search panel and click Start. It will convert and ask you to download the converted file. Save the file accordingly.

Create your own playlist

You can now create your own playlist offline like me and play it on VLC or any of your chosen media player downloaded in your system.

No legal bindings

When I got the option to download my chosen videos directly, I now use the data in finding more relevant files and keep downloading the files for keeping a backup of my videos and audios.

Go for Y2mate and enhance your entertainment panorama!

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