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Tips: Inserting 5S before or after the YouTube link is the fastest way to download videos from YouTube.

If you have ever wanted to download videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc. for watching offline, then KeepVid might have been the site you have used as it’s a decent free video downloader. However, KeepVid has suddenly announced that the website will no longer provide any video and audio downloading service without any further explanation in March, 2018. If you’re a big fan of KeepVid, you may feel sad and even shocked when you hear this KeepVid not working news. What happened? Why KeepVid shuts download the downloading service? Are there any free video downloading sites similar to KeepVid to save online videos or any mobile apps like KeepVid to grab videos ?


Part 1 What happen to

If you open the again now, you will not see a video download site but a “KeepVid Tips for Video Download Solutions”. There is no video download service and KeepVid Pro. Both of them have been discontinued. The homepage is all about the tips and stay on the right side of the law and YouTube copyright.

Why KeepVid Stopped the Video Download from YouTube?

According to, it tried so hard to tell people that download YouTube videos may go against the ToS of YouTube, and people should download video that with a clear mark like “Download” or similar link displayed by YouTube.

Maybe we can infer that KeepVid didn’t handle the issue between the YouTube rules and their online service well. But the company has not given an official announcement that why they closed its service. They only emphasize that hope the market will be organized and meet people’s requirements.

Is It Safe and Legal to Download Videos Online?

As the KeepVid scrap YouTube-ripping function, people will ask that is it safe to download YouTube videos online? Actually, you can skip that download risk if you avoid to downloading copyright-protected or video without permissions.

Is There Any Solution for KeepVid Shut-down?

Since offers no option to download videos, users now have to search for KeepVid alternative downloading sites. Here FConvert YouTube Downloader is recommended as one of the best solution to the KeepVid no longer downloading problem. It provides you a reliable and simple way to download videos from all major video sharing websites, including YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, VEVO, TED and many more. Similar to KeepVid, it’s a free web-based video download app. All you have to do is to copy and insert the URL of the video you wish to download and your video will be downloaded in your desired format.

You can just follow the detailed steps below to download online videos with no fuss at all.

  • Step1: Copy and Paste URL

    Get the URL link of the video that you want to copy.Paste it into the URL box then, click the download button. All popular web browsers are well supported.

  • Step2: Choose and Download Your Preferred Video

    On the website or after inserting the URL into the toolbar, the tool processes the video on the hosting website and you can simply pick the most suitable quality option for your videos, such as 4K that is currently the highest, or other high definitions such as 1080P or 720P, or even lower definitions such as 480P etc. Once you finished choosing the most suitable video for your need, the process of taking and downloading the content will be initiated automatically. Once your video is got and saved on your computer, you can press the Show in the folder to navigate to and locate the new video, and it’s all done! Helper

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